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MM Lampadari
MM Lampadari

MM Lampadari – Handcrafted lighting masterpieces

Experience the perfection of handcrafted lighting at MM Lampadari. An interplay of tradition, innovation and timeless elegance since 1966.


MM Lampadari’s artisanal roots are forged in cold iron. With us, centuries-old manual skills that have been passed down through generations around the world meet the art of making new ideas shine.

At MM Lampadari, masters of blacksmithing meet renowned craft producers and cutting-edge technologies in a unique project that bears our double M signature and the intellectual contribution of our creatives and designers.


Time passes, but the spark that creates our desire to surprise you never goes out. Ideas are our distinctive touch: they make it possible to design new lighting solutions for every room and every environment.

Half a century of history, craftsmanship, technical expertise and aesthetic vision. In this way, they complete the soul of our creations with exquisite Murano glass in infinite color variations, luminous inlays in gold leaf and the finest Swarovski crystals, cleverly combined.

MM Lampadari  has added the quality of stunning raw materials to our own excellence without any compromise.

For 50 years they have been interpreting substance to create works of light.



An ancient heart combines technology and contemporary trends to create timeless quality. MM Lampadari faithfully adheres to the artisanal tradition of our region and a highly dynamic entrepreneurial spirit. MM Lampadari fuses past, present and future by creating lamps with timeless style, cutting-edge experimental designs, one-of-a-kind pieces and exquisite bespoke creations.

Passion for work, technical expertise, empathy for customers and partners and an international vision have always been the principles that guide the development of their company, making it a true expression of Made in Italy excellence.