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Casamilano: Nachhaltige Ethik und Qualität in Italienischem Design

Casamilano – Sustainable ethics and quality in Italian design

Experience Casamilano, where sustainable ethics and high-quality Italian design merge. The collection represents timeless elegance, precision craftsmanship and environmental responsibility.


In Casamilano’s corporate philosophy, sustainable ethics is a fundamental concept and reflects the company’s desire to respect the territory in which it was founded and operates.

All Casamilano production is completely Made in Italy, ensuring strict and precise control at all stages of production. The selection of raw materials and components is carried out with full respect for the environment.

The wood used in production comes from planned afforestation plantations to preserve and preserve the natural heritage.

Quality as a guiding principle

In order to always meet the needs of customers, Casamilano has always focused his stylistic research on specific projects.

Casamilano attaches great importance to selecting the highest quality materials. The high aesthetic quality that characterizes the collection results from the quality of the raw materials used, the choice of the best woods for veneers, the handmade and manual finishes, the noble types of marble and the wide range of fabrics and leathers in trendy colors.

The Casamilano collection is entirely made in Italy, in the heart of Brianza, an area that has always been synonymous with excellence in Italian design. It is the result of a long and skilful local and artisanal tradition.

To guarantee the top quality of the final product and its longevity, each item is subject to careful quality controls before packaging and shipping and is tested at every stage of production.

Each Casamilano product is accompanied by an authenticity card that certifies its originality and informs the customer about the materials used, the care recommendations over time and the guarantee.

Made in Italy – Italian design with a worldwide reputation

Casamilano is an Italian company that is internationally known in the field of contemporary living and guest furniture.

The collection is entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, from the design concept to the creativity, from the style to the realization of the finished product. With full respect for the environment, the entire production process is “kilometer zero”, made by highly specialized local artisans, with great skill and competence to always guarantee superior quality.

The Casamilano style

The wide collection is characterized by a restrained and reassuring elegance, consisting of essential shapes, precise details, refined materials and finishes, fine fabrics and leathers, to offer the customer a quality product with contemporary design and timeless elegance.

Casamilano’s style is reflected in a harmonious color palette in which materials such as linen, cotton, velvet and leather dominate in neutral tones such as ivory, sand, natural, taupe and gray. The overall aesthetic image is visual and tactile comfort of the highest sophistication and elegance.

The collection consists of objects designed to stand the test of time, refined, unique, with the unmistakable Casamilano style, completely Made in Italy.