Versality Inneneinrichtungen und Dekor

The Vesality partners

In close collaboration with renowned partner companies in the areas of furniture, lighting design and prefabricated houses, we design individual solutions that combine the highest quality, innovation and aesthetics. Our partnerships enable us to offer a diverse range of high-quality products and respond to the specific needs of our customers.

Through these strategic collaborations, we can access broad know-how and expertise to present you an exclusive selection of furniture, lighting solutions and prefabricated homes. Together with our partners, we strive to fuse timeless elegance, sustainability and modern design to create unique living spaces.

Our furniture design partners

Experience comfort and style with Cane-line, the Danish design company with 30 years of experience. Functional furniture, timeless design and maximum comfort for your home.
Experience Casamilano, where sustainable ethics and high-quality Italian design merge. The collection represents timeless elegance, precision craftsmanship and environmental responsibility.
Daytona home italy
Immerse yourself in the world of Daytona Home, where timeless masterpieces are created from luxurious materials, sophisticated design and Italian craftsmanship.
Desvres Ariana
Desvres Ariana – Innovation in Ceramic Design. The fusion of French elegance with Italian creativity creates a unique offering for sophisticated living concepts.
Duresta designmoebel
Experience timeless elegance and maximum seating comfort in the exclusive world of Duresta. Handcrafted luxury furniture combined with traditional English design will redefine your home.
Discover the elegance of the new EMU outdoor furniture collections in the WWU design setup. Quality, innovative design and sustainability come together for a unique outdoor experience.
Glamora: Individuelle Wandverkleidungen für inspirierte Lebensräume
Distinctive wall coverings for timeless elegance. Every motif is tailor-made, every collection a journey through art, design and nature. Create inspired living spaces with Glamora.
Il Loft
Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Il Loft, characterized by Giorgio Saporiti's unstoppable creativity. Discover unique furniture where technology and craftsmanship merge.
Interstil: Fenster-Design mit bleibendem Eindruck
Discover the world of exquisite window design with Interstil. Tailor-made solutions, innovative technology and aesthetic design come together to give every room a unique character.
JAB ANSTOETZ Group - Die Welt des Anspruchsvollen Interior Design
Discover the world of sophisticated interior design with JAB ANSTOETZ Fabrics and the JAB ANSTOETZ Group - masterful design, tradition and innovation in one.
Handcrafted elegance in brass handles since 1953. A legacy of excellence characterized by passion, innovation and the timeless style of Italian craftsmanship.
Experience the synthesis of over 40 years of experience, innovative spirit and the highest craftsmanship in exclusive upholstered furniture from MASCHERONI.
Medea 1905
The story of Medea is the story of a company from Brianza, a region known for the craftsmanship of its furniture. Craftsmanship, uniqueness and exceptional character characterize and endure in the artistic tradition of “furniture making”.
Experience the masterful fusion of love of wood and craftsmanship. Porada creates timeless excellence where form and function merge in harmonious balance.
Timeless elegance and Italian craftsmanship. Tradition and innovation merge to create exclusive sofas of lasting value. Unique, stylish, timeless – Made in Italy.
Vondom embodies a modern way of life with innovative design and the highest quality. The passion for aesthetics and sustainability shapes their unique furniture collections and sets trends worldwide.

Our partner in house building

Our partners for designer lights

Experience 100 years of passion for light with KOLARZ. Handcrafted craftsmanship, innovative designs and high-quality materials create unique masterpieces that make rooms shine.
Leucos Lights
Light art with tradition and innovation. For over sixty years, the Venetian company has been shaping the world of lighting design with hand-made lamps.
Immerse yourself in the world of sophisticated lighting design with LIGHT4 Srl. Since 2007, the company has stood for creative excellence and tailor-made lighting solutions of the highest quality.
MM Lampadari
Experience the perfection of handcrafted lighting at MM Lampadari. An interplay of tradition, innovation and timeless elegance since 1966.
Immerse yourself in the world of Slamp, where unique technopolymers and artistic craftsmanship create brilliant works of light art. Italian design in perfection.
40 years of Vaughan Excellence. The founders Lucy and Michael Vaughan use their artistic vision to create timeless elegance and masterpieces of craftsmanship.
A shining legacy since 1585. A history of innovation and quality that continues in the Virtual Museum. Craftsmanship and passion for light art.

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