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KOLARZ – 100 years of passion for light

Experience 100 years of passion for light with KOLARZ. Handcrafted craftsmanship, innovative designs and high-quality materials create unique masterpieces that make rooms shine.

Light art from Vienna

Since 1918, when Hanns Kolarz founded a lampshade factory in Vienna, the Kolarz family has inspired people with their love of light. Now run by the fourth generation, the Austrian family business has consolidated its international standing with spectacular lighting design for worldwide projects.

Tradition and passion

The origins of KOLARZ lie in Hanns Kolarz’s craftsmanship heritage, which has expanded internationally over the years. From legendary department stores to private living spaces, KOLARZ sets accents with unique lighting design and makes spectacular rooms shine.

Design & Quality – Exclusive and unique

KOLARZ is characterized by its commitment to traditional craftsmanship. Each masterpiece becomes a valuable work of light art and unique. Whether Murano glass, crystal or precious metals – high-quality materials merge with creativity and artistry to create fascinating light objects.

European craftsmanship

In the heart of Europe, in factories near Vienna, Venice and Budapest, KOLARZ products are meticulously handcrafted. The artistic tradition and attention to detail characterize each piece and underline the value of the brand.

Exclusive design

From classically opulent to purist-modern, KOLARZ sets trends with its unique designs. The finest crystals, hand-blown Murano glass and high-quality metals guarantee not only aesthetic brilliance, but also long-lasting beauty.

KOLARZ is not just a lighting manufacturer, but a guardian of tradition and quality. The brand embodies 100 years of passion for light, which can be felt in every handcrafted masterpiece.