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Desvres Ariana

Desvres Ariana – A fusion of two ceramic traditions

Desvres Ariana – Innovation in Ceramic Design. The fusion of French elegance with Italian creativity creates a unique offering for sophisticated living concepts.

Innovation in ceramic design

The Desvres Ariana brand represents the fusion of two renowned ceramic brands that combine their many years of experience to create an innovative living philosophy for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Historical roots and successes

Ariana’s origins date back to 1967, when it began as a tile packaging factory and later grew into a leading manufacturer of red clay ceramics. Particularly noteworthy is the successful collaboration with the designer Pierre Cardin in the 1980s and 1990s. Since 2000, Ariana has been part of the ABK Group and continues its success story with modern production technologies and prestigious porcelain stoneware collections.

The French ceramics company Desvres, founded in 1863, was acquired by ABK GROUP in 2021. A major investment program was launched, particularly at the Louvroil production facility, to introduce new formats and extra-thick outdoor floor tiles.

A new beginning in 2022

The two brands will unite in 2022 under the name Desvres Ariana. This new chapter in the world of ceramics is symbolized by the logo that combines the letters V and A. This merger represents not only the union of two ranges, but also the union of French expertise with Italian creativity.

Innovative offer for “home design”

Desvres Ariana offers a comprehensive range that includes traditional formats and large slabs in various surface finishes. The collection reflects the fusion of natural materials such as wood, stone and marble with contemporary and industrial inspirations. Desvres Ariana thus meets the needs of sophisticated home designs and enables seamless design of indoor and outdoor areas.