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Glamora: Individuelle Wandverkleidungen für inspirierte Lebensräume
Glamora: Individuelle Wandverkleidungen für inspirierte Lebensräume

Glamora – Individual wall coverings for inspired living spaces

Distinctive wall coverings for timeless elegance. Every motif is tailor-made, every collection a journey through art, design and nature. Create inspired living spaces with Glamora.

Glamora's approach: modern elegance and timeless beauty

Glamora, founded in 2010, focuses on bespoke wall coverings inspired by art, design and nature. The brand’s aim is to awaken emotions and design spaces in which people enjoy living. By combining modern style elements with elegant accents, Glamora creates a contemporary visual language that is seamlessly integrated into the architectural surroundings.

Custom-made: Unique wall coverings for individual needs

Each wall covering in the collection is unique and tailored to the specific needs of the customer. Glamora’s graphic developers are ready to implement any design wish. Whether leaves, wood, fabrics, metals or geometric patterns – the versatile motifs offer a strong visual impact and fulfill the creative ideas of customers.

Collections: Creative diversity and timeless beauty

Glamora’s regularly redesigned collections offer a wide range of colors and innovative motifs. The “Creative Collection” continually explores new visual worlds by moving between art, design, architecture, fashion and photography. The “Special Editions” are characterized by a uniform source of inspiration and create timeless atmospheres.

Areas of use: Decorative solutions for various environments

Glamora finds application in city apartments, country homes, commercial spaces, luxury boutiques, restaurants, resorts, gyms and spas. The wall coverings offer decorative and functional solutions for private living spaces and the contract sector.

Collaborations and projects: References recognized worldwide

Glamora has worked on major projects including the Armani Tower in Miami, the Bulgari Penthouse in Dubai, the Indigo Hotel in Venice, the Mandarin Oriental on Lake Como, the JP Morgan Campus in Palo Alto and many more. The brand has proven its versatility and excellence in implementing projects worldwide.