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Interstil: Fenster-Design mit bleibendem Eindruck
Interstil: Fenster-Design mit bleibendem Eindruck

Interstil – window design with a lasting impression

Discover the world of exquisite window design with Interstil. Tailor-made solutions, innovative technology and aesthetic design come together to give every room a unique character.

Furnish with style

The windows of a room are its business card. Interstil offers innovative solutions for curtain systems and curtain rods that make your window a striking and individual element.

These products allow you to enjoy light and views while providing an aesthetic and functional design.

Individually designed solutions for every room

The variety of rooms requires individual solutions. Interstil presents sophisticated fastening systems, a wide range of support lengths, different fastening variants and functional special components.

The products are also individually assembled to ensure that they fit perfectly into any room – tailored, chic and functional.

Interstil: At home in East Westphalia

There is one conviction behind exceptional design and advanced technology: the pursuit of perfection without compromise. Interstil, a medium-sized family business headed by Manfred and Jens Diedrichsen, is based in Steinhagen, East Westphalia.

This is where innovative ideas are created that lead to long-lasting quality and products such as curtain rods, inner track systems and technology for panel curtains – all “made in Germany”. With these products, Interstil sets standards on the market.