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Il Loft
Il Loft

Il Loft – creative flair from Giorgio Saporiti

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Il Loft, characterized by Giorgio Saporiti's unstoppable creativity. Discover unique furniture where technology and craftsmanship merge.

A creative soul

Even as a child, Giorgio Saporiti was fascinated by the colors, sounds and aromas of nature. As an adult, he was impressed by the masterpieces of great architects. Saporiti is considered an “unstoppable ideas generating machine” whose world of fabrics, furniture and interior design seems to regenerate endlessly.

The company Il Loft

Il Loft was born from the creative flair of Giorgio Saporiti. The company was founded in 1994 after Saporiti spent years as co-owner and art director of Saporiti Italia and 15 years working with Ottavio Missoni on runway sets and textile-related products.

Technology and manuality

Mind and hand are the true strengths of Il Loft. Giorgio Saporiti personally selects textures, yarns, woods and leathers based on their functional and aesthetic quality. Machines cut the wood, mix plastics and initiate fusions, but the expertise of the specialized craftsmen refines the surfaces, alters and refines the details and guarantees the perfection of the result.


In each project, Saporiti looks for an elective relationship between container and content, form and material, aesthetics and function. Finding materials is a passion and a fundamental part of his work. Saporiti loves combining colors, textures and reflections, combining technology and craftsmanship. In the almost obsessive search for something new and beautiful, the master applies a level of care and attention that is truly rare in the industry, so that nothing is left to chance. Wood, leather and yarns are processed by Il Loft’s skilled craftsmen, who combine the best of technology with the quality of handcraft.