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LIGHT4 Srl Kreative Exzellenz im Lichtdesign seit 2007

LIGHT4 – Creative excellence in lighting design since 2007

Immerse yourself in the world of sophisticated lighting design with LIGHT4 Srl. Since 2007, the company has stood for creative excellence and tailor-made lighting solutions of the highest quality.

A creative workshop building

Founded in April 2007, LIGHT4 Srl immediately developed into a creative workshop. The experienced team brings many years of expertise in the field of lighting technology.

Efficient corporate structure

With a lean and efficient organizational structure, the company is particularly focused on tailor-made products, with the results always meeting the highest quality standards.

Message of light

LIGHT4 products are more than just lighting. They are a message: light is knowledge, lighting is meaning. The central element is always the same – light, which is expressed in many different ways: color effects, furnishing solutions and timeless styles.

Made in Italy
LIGHT4’s quality guarantee comes from the origin of production: materials and assembly operations are strictly “Made in Italy”.

Customized solutions

LIGHT4 has a strong focus on bespoke products, design and the contract furniture sector. The company operates globally and strives to ensure that its customers are satisfied with LIGHT4 products. Every day is used to take on the challenge of glass and create objects of pure and extreme beauty and design.