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Mandelli 1953: Masterful brass handles since 1953

Handcrafted elegance in brass handles since 1953. A legacy of excellence characterized by passion, innovation and the timeless style of Italian craftsmanship.

A tradition of elegance and quality

For over sixty years, Mandelli 1953 has been designing and producing brass handles of the highest quality. Excellent craftsmanship, creativity and continuous research represent an aesthetically pleasing and reliable product, entirely manufactured in Italy.

The Golden Era begins

Every company has its origins in a dream, and Mandelli’s (Maniglie) founding dream shone in the color gold: brass. It was the year 1953. The passion for beauty and ingenuity generates innovation: the know-how consists of it and is a value that has always been recognized by MANDELLI1953.

Over sixty years of history are a legacy of precious craftsmanship to which commitment, craftsmanship and industrial technology are added to lead the company to constantly produce new models – cutting edge technology with innovative and sustainable finishes.

The research and development center’s continuous research activity aims to uncompromisingly combine form and function and make MANDELLI1953 a leading company in the industry both nationally and internationally.

Quality as a credo

For MANDELLI1953, quality, even before it comes to the undeniable technological characteristics of its products, refers to a series of actions, a code of conduct, a mix of tenacity, strategy of patience and passion for details. All handles are manufactured in-house using only certified Italian brass.

It is shaped by forging, turning and die-casting, grinding, vibration polishing and satin finishing, electroplating and metallization (PDV) treatments and painting. Relentless attention to craftsmanship: Details make the difference between a good product and a superior artifact, a fundamental awareness of the company.

100% MADE IN ITALY: A seal of excellence

From the choice of brass, Italian and of the highest quality, to the packaging of the finished handle, the entire production is followed with the greatest care and dedication, in Italy, in the Brianza district. Therefore, MANDELLI1953 labels all its products with the logo “100% MADE IN ITALY”.

What the MANDELLI1953 brand exports to foreign countries is not just a product of excellence, but a whole culture of the artfully crafted object, the Italian know-how from ancient traditions of high craftsmanship, able to take advantage of the best technologies over the years.