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MASCHERONI – craftsmanship and exclusivity

Experience the synthesis of over 40 years of experience, innovative spirit and the highest craftsmanship in exclusive upholstered furniture from MASCHERONI.

Craftsmanship and exclusivity

It has been over 40 years since MASCHERONI was founded in Cabiate, near Milan. What began as a workshop is now an internationally recognized brand for exclusive upholstered furniture of the highest quality.

The beginnings and international recognition

In the 80s the workshop developed into a company and MASCHERONI became an internationally recognized brand for high-quality upholstery. The company began designing and manufacturing specialized products and complete furniture collections for demanding customers, first in Europe and then worldwide. Today MASCHERONI works continuously with more than eighty countries.

Craftsmanship and quality control

MASCHERONI is one of the few companies that control the entire production cycle, ensuring perfect quality at every step, from the selection of raw materials to production and customization.

Manufacturing is based on teamwork, craftsmanship and state-of-the-art machines. The pieces of each product are made predominantly by hand and then assembled entirely by hand.

Exclusivity and material quality

The search for excellence and constant innovation are the cornerstones that shape MASCHERONI’s products and distinguish the company worldwide. The deep knowledge of the materials used, production methods and solutions to intrinsic problems, together with constant investments in research and development, ensure the longevity of the products and their value retention over time.

The wood collection and special materials

The MASCHERONI wood collection includes over ten different types of wood in the “Mascheroni Wood Color System”. The company strives to select only the best parts of the wood. The main structures of sofas and armchairs are mostly made of solid wood. In the production of furniture, however, solid wood is only partially used, depending on the desired shape and aesthetic effect.

MASCHERONI proves that a product stands out through the quality and materials used, also through the weight of the final product. On average, the final product weighs 50% more than a normal product. The knowledge of wood has led the company to explore the multiple possibilities to obtain new and increasingly exclusive collections. The final product is the result of the skill of craftsmen and innovation.

MASCHERONI meets the needs of very demanding customers who want special and custom-made products with a very high level of craftsmanship. Even though it is a demanding field, it allows the company to express its potential and achieve great satisfaction in the end.