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Porada seit 1948 – Vom Holzliebhabertraum zum Meisterwerk.

Porada since 1948 – From a wood lover’s dream to a masterpiece.

Experience the masterful fusion of love of wood and craftsmanship. Porada creates timeless excellence where form and function merge in harmonious balance.


Porada’s roots lie in the love of wood. Since 1948, the company has worked with the craftsmanship of masters who know how to transform a tree trunk into a work of art.

In 1968, Porada was founded by Luigi Allievi to expand the production of chairs, which had already begun in 1948. With the support of his sons, who became supporters of the company, Porada quickly developed into a company that makes quality and professionalism its foundations.


Porada’s recognition at international level is due to his ability to find the right balance between form and function in each object. The result is a wide range of refined products that help create a home environment in which the needs of daily life are met.

In half a century, Porada has turned the founder’s dream into reality by realizing an elegant yet understated taste in timeless objects.


Porada’s collection is wide and varied, consisting of a variety of furniture created in collaboration with designers such as Marconato and Zappa, Carlo Ballabio, David Dolcini, Emmanuel Gallina, Patrick Jouin, Tarcisio Colzani, Staffan Tollgard, Studio Opera, Gino Carollo, Dainelli Sudio and Studio Buratti were developed.


The real strength of Porada lies not only in the quality of the materials or the most modern machines, but above all in the human factor. The people who have been part of this family for years treat the products as their own, putting all their care and passion into their daily work.