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Medea 1905
Medea 1905

MEDEA 1905 – A journey through history and style

The story of Medea is the story of a company from Brianza, a region known for the craftsmanship of its furniture. Craftsmanship, uniqueness and exceptional character characterize and endure in the artistic tradition of “furniture making”.

Artistic journey through the centuries

Over the years, from the English furniture of the late 19th century to the French Liberty style, of which it is a renowned publisher, the company has reproduced a number of historical, anonymous and authorial pieces.

These go through the history of furniture in the 20th century and have the quality of the project and its materials as a common denominator. The story of Medea unfolds along a path between different styles and artistic movements of the 19th and 20th centuries, reaching the modern lifestyle collection.

Lifestyle: tradition meets modernity

For those who love to travel, every object, every piece of history embodies with respect for tradition, pride in craftsmanship excellence and a clear vision of elegance in harmony with modernity, creativity and innovation.

Ottocento: Intimate and sophisticated

The atmosphere of the Ottocento collection is intimate and sophisticated. Sophisticated and warm settings, noble materials, refined fabrics and soft shapes create a contemporary mood with echoes rooted in classicism.

Prestige: Inspired by history and elegance

A collection inspired by history, style and elegance. Sensitivity and refined taste, eclectic shapes, sophisticated colors and opulent combinations. Absolute freedom of creation, new insights that appeared in the mind or in sleep, during a reading or a trip to distant lands.

Liberty: New interpretations of the Liberty style

Floral decorations, organic and complex shapes, sensual and asymmetrical curves of the Liberty style are reinterpreted with a new and original stylistic tone. Re-editions of Liberty style furniture become precious and unique pieces. Eclectic, picturesque and decorative pieces of furniture create harmonious compositions.