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Vaughan – 40 years of masterful lighting and furniture

40 years of Vaughan Excellence. The founders Lucy and Michael Vaughan use their artistic vision to create timeless elegance and masterpieces of craftsmanship.

Lights and furniture

Founded in 1983 by artist-designers Lucy and Michael Vaughan, Vaughan has been meeting the international design community’s demand for high-quality decorative lighting for four decades. Together they guide the company’s vision and artistic philosophy, manage the company’s design studio and establish Vaughan as a world-leading manufacturer of lighting and furniture.

40 years of craftsmanship and quality

Since its founding in 1983, Vaughan has been one of the world’s most renowned designers and manufacturers of decorative lighting, furniture and accessories. The founders, artist-designer couple Lucy and Michael Vaughan, share a passion for art and antiques. Her artistic perspective, stylish sense and meticulous attention to detail are at the heart of the company. Traditional manufacturing methods and high-quality materials, such as solid cast iron as the base substance for lamps, ensure a unique depth and quality of the surfaces.

Design philosophy: Timeless elegance

The collection spans styles and eras from the Baroque period to modernity, with each piece exhibiting a distinctive aesthetic. Clear lines, simple elegance and purity of form characterize Vaughan’s design philosophy. The timeless design remains untouched by short-lived trends.

For every furnishing style: diversity and elegance

Regardless of the interior style, be it traditional or contemporary, Vaughan’s lighting and furnishings blend in harmoniously. Lucy and Michael’s eclectic style, inspired by the textures and tones of English country houses, is reflected in the collection. Designers at Vaughan draw from a wealth of sources, from ancient artifacts to contemporary art, to create a diverse and elegant range of products.