Versality Inneneinrichtungen und Dekor

Slamp – artistic light art from Italy

Immerse yourself in the world of Slamp, where unique technopolymers and artistic craftsmanship create brilliant works of light art. Italian design in perfection.

Uniqueness and recognizability

Over the last 30 years, Slamp has acquired unique know-how through intensive research and development. Each lamp is characterized by its uniqueness and recognizability, thanks to the use of noble and unbreakable technopolymers that allow shapes, decors and effects that would be impossible with other materials.

The nature of the technopolymer: Resistant and safe, childproof!

Luxury lies in lightness. Slamp relies on elaborate hand manufacturing with plug-in connections instead of adhesives and screws. The technopolymer is antistatic, UV and heat resistant, while production waste is recycled.

Cold cutting: precision with minimal CO2 emissions

The technopolymers produced exclusively for Slamp are processed using an innovative cutting technology that minimizes CO2 emissions. Precision and cleanliness are key characteristics of the Slamp cutting team, which shapes each model with a precise ritual and feminine craftsmanship.

Precise rituality and new techniques

The tailors of light treat the technopolymers like fabric and feel a strong affinity for each model. The rituals involved in making the decorative lights are precise and pleasant, comparable to putting together a bouquet of flowers.

New techniques, such as the patented shaping of Lentiflex® for the battery-operated Lafleur lamp, demonstrate Slamp’s constant innovation and attention to detail.